Thursday, January 20, 2011

Product Review; "St. Tropez Radiance Mousse"

It's snowing. A whole lot. It's gonna keep snowing. Of course, it's kind of expected 2 months into Winter, but I imagine no one wants to look as though the icy cold has taken a toll on your complexion.

"Dull" or lifeless skin is the most common reason people, unfortunately, head for the tanning salon with all it's skin scorching qualities. Not a great idea when you'll just be hidden under layers of coats and scarfs anyway.

A safer mode of adding glow would be to reach for something like St. Tropez Radiance Mousse. Unlike a self-tanning lotion that can leave you with orange streaks, this light-weight mousse leaves only a trace of bronzed glimmer to the skin that compliments tones from medium light to dark. It's soft texture blends easily into skin leaving only the slightest of residue that can be reduced by consistently massaging it into skin.

Although the formula does contain petrolatum there's not much greasy feel however it does leave a bit of transfer on clothes if put on too liberally.

Might I suggest a nude romp in the snow?

St. Tropez Radiance Mousse; $35.00

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