Monday, January 31, 2011

Product Review; "INGLOT Makeup Remover"

The most stubborn part of any cleansing ritual has to be waterproof mascara. Most times if you reach for a cleanser that has some kind of oily base, it's sure to break up all the fibers and polymers and give you a clean finish... but with a somewhat greasy result. Before you know it, you're having to wash your face one more time to remove the remover.

I tend to like cleansers that have very little, if any slickness to them so they are sure to wipe clean away. When I first picked up a bottle of INGLOT Makeup Remover the first thing I looked at was the ingredients listing. With "water" at the top of the list, this remover also carries a large dose of Poloxamer 184, an emollient solvent that breaks the surface area of water forcing it to become "wetter". This process breaks up the structure of makeup to dissolve even faster and ensure it releases from skin and lashes without agitation. The formula has in addition to water, other synthetic fillers, that ease the process of removing makeup when doused over a cotton ball. Held over the eye area for a moment then swept away pulls makeup off without irritation.

Although, I find this formula light and easy to use, there is a bit of moisture-like residue that dries away, but is best wiped one more time with a dry cotton ball or rinsed away with fresh water. Of course, that's true with any makeup remover to ensure that nothing is left behind. But just splashing some sink water over your face is a lot cheaper than reaching for another cleansing product.

INGLOT Makeup Remover; $9.00

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