Monday, January 24, 2011

Product Review; "Fusion Beauty SculptDIVA Blush"

Cream blushes can be a bit heavy or dense because of polymers and bases used to create and hold their moist texture.

Fusion Beauty has taken these usual suspects and combined them with various other emollients and extracts to create a softer and more pliable formula that dries down to a powder finish. This creamy, yet light, texture adheres to skin and almost instantly becomes a silky and transparent tone that mimics skin's natural flush. Available in tones from coral to vivid pink, all shades blend effortlessly on all complexions.

Because of the lightweight texture, SculptDIVA Blush rounds out features and maintains natural moisture utilizing Hyaluronic Acid and easily creates the illusion of brighter and more prominent cheekbones. There is a bit of shimmer in the formula that also creates an ideal gleam to skin that I have even gone as far as to try out on lips. Even on un-moistened pouts, this formula keeps pliable without turning "cakey". A complex the brand is calling "AmpliFat™" is designed "to maintain youthful volume" and compliments the structure of skin on both the cheek and lip area.

The convenient tub with it's accompanying mirror and tight snap enclosure is lovely to look at and can be applied with fingertips or a suitable brush. Easily creates a soft, semi-matte finish without having to sacrifice necessary moisture.

Fusion Beauty SculptDIVA Blush; $29.00

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