Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Product Review; "COVERGIRL NatureLuxe Silk Foundation"

"Redefine natural beauty..."

I'm a little disappointed in you COVERGIRL.

Not because you've created an inferior product. As a matter of fact, I quite like the satin-like finish and buildable coverage of your NatureLuxe Foundation as well as it's compatibility with most of the powders and creams in my kit. I've even gone as far as to blend it with a cream foundation when I feel like I need more coverage but want to maintain that same smooth finish. Your product even sets well with highlighting powders and wears for a good amount of time before wearing down.

So what's the problem?

Aluminum Hydroxide is a synthetic ingredient used to create opacity in cosmetic formulas.

Dimethicone is a silicone derivative that acts like a filling and water binding agent that although "naturally derived" doesn't quite add moisture so much as refuses it to release.

Talc, although prevalent is very questionable as to it's toxicity to mucus membranes like eyes, lips and nostrils.

These ingredients are not terribly detrimental, but do leave me questioning why you would include them in a product line that claims to be "natural". It's almost like you know it's questionable since you're only highlighting the use of ingredients like Cucumber Water and Jojoba and Rose Hip extracts. All part of your marketing strategy, I understand, but I guess I'm just exhausted when I hear jargon that doesn't have any legal basis.

Not that any other brands behave any better, but your claim that it's somehow better than even your own other formulas makes me cringe when I see too many similarities. So until things change, I guess there's no real problem with your slightly deceptive techniques.

I'd feel better if there was a bit more transparency. And although I may reach for this foundation from time to time, I'll recommend it for it's function as opposed to what it's made of. I'm not in your marketing department, after all.

COVERGIRL NatureLuxe Silk Foundation; $11.99


Britta said...

Thank you Legend for this amazing review and slight sound off :). I love that you admitted to appreciating the product but not appreciating the deceptive marketing ploys that pull customers into purchasing a "natural" but not so natural product. Your expertise as a makeup artist not only gives credibility to your review but also helps us as consumers understand the truth behind many products. I wish there were more out there like you! Please continue to spread the word and educate the public. Best, Britta

Legend Rivera said...

Thank you Britta, I'm honoured that you appreciated the post!

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