Thursday, January 27, 2011

Product Review; "Clarins Gloss Appeal"

The full texture and shiny finish of lipgloss is ideal to make smiles more alluring, pouty and full. The struggle is to find the right gloss that will leave lips looking enticing and not like you're drooling.

Generally I reach for glosses that are really "tacky" as they last longer during shoot days and read on film more brilliantly. But for everyday wear, Clarins thinks you shouldn't have to sacrifice shine for sticky lips. A formula boasting Perhydrosqualene, an organic compound derived from olives helps keep lips feeling hydrated and shiny without that familiar "tack".

While it does have a bit of girth, it's more reminiscent of a sleek sheen as opposed to gummy grit. Kind of like you have a bit too much lip balm on. But where lip balms fall short is luminous sheer color that is complimentary to be layered over lipsticks or just bare lips. Or you could even swipe Clarins Gloss Appeal over lip balm to lock in moisture and shine.

The texture is light and moist without looking excessively shiny. Ideal for eating, drinking and sneaking a kiss. And with colors ranging from neutral pinks to rich plums, all in sheer finishes, these glosses are anything but "tacky".

Clarins Gloss Appeal; $21.00

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