Monday, January 10, 2011

Field Trip; "SUNDAY; A Rock n' Roll Laser-Pop Cabaret"

Darian Darling is a blogger, homemaker, and lifestyle ICON to all that is blonde or aspires to be blonde. They do have more fun after all! From hosting events with Amanda Lepore to touring with Lady Gaga, Darian has been a staple of New York City nightlife and proved to be the example of what a party girl should be.

Through a collaboration with Woody's Bar on the Lower East Side, Darian has started her own party to show the masses how it's done. With performances from popular NYC acts like musician Breedlove to go-go boys and girls swinging about the poles, Darian has made certain everyone is to have a good time. Including offering an open bar from 11pm to midnight. She sure knows how to break the ice!

A filthy glamOURous cast was to be seen coming through the doors including gorgeous gender-illusionists to scene stealers in their SUNDAY (night) best. I gazed at the intricate details that went into preparation for the fete' from assymetrical haircuts, full beards and tattoos to lipliner, false lashes and countouring that could cut glass. Truly, the most glamourous SUNDAY I could ever hope to have. Maybe I should follow Darian's lead and go blonde?

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