Sunday, January 16, 2011

Breaking News!!; Angelina Jolie wears makeup!

Among the beauties at the Golden Globe Awards bedazzling the red carpet was the inimitable Angeline Jolie who looked stunning as ever with her signature winged liner and pouty, full lips. Her beauty is truly unmatched and equally as unnatainable.

Or is it?

During the awards ceremony, cameras panned over to the Jolie/Pitt table to see the star of SALT swiping gloss on her enviable pout. And for an even briefer moment, the world realized that even flawless beauties need a little touching up.

While twitter and facebook alike were all a-buzz with speculation and intrigue, yours truly took it upon himself to find answers. What was she using? Which brand does the femme fatale reach for when feeling a little less than perfect?

As I scoured the internet for clues, I found a common thread; Chantecaille Cosmetics. The star has many a time been referring to the brands Brilliant Lipgloss as her favorite to have in her makeup bag. And the shade she reaches for the most seems to be "Crystalline", but I don't think the pale beige tone is quite the one in the pictures above and below. I'm going to go out on a limb and assume the color she's using is "Charm". This tone is also a noted favorite, but has a tinge of pink that is more complimentary and reads on the red carpet as being much warmer. Plus, she already mentioned it's her red-carpet-go-to.

But who really cares? She looks amazing. And it's nice to know that even the most beautiful women need a little guilding.


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