Monday, January 31, 2011

As seen on TV; "Face Off"

Makeup artists are a pretty entertaining bunch of people, so gathering a group of them seems like an ideal premise for a television show. Even though it had been tried before from the beauty and fashion aspect of the industry, Face Off promises a more intriguing look via the prosthetic and creature effect side of the spectrum.

With makeup superstar judges Glen Hetrick (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the X-Files, Heroes), Ve Neill ( Mrs. Doubtfire, The Pirates of the Carribean franchise, Constantine) and Patrick Tatapoulos (the Underworld franchise, Independence Day, Stargate) the cast of known and unknown makeup artists coming from all over the globe will be critiqued on everything from age lines to bald caps and beyond.

From the season's first episode it was obvious that talent was an imperative when the contestants were challenged to create an animal/human hybrid character from scratch using a partner they had met only a day prior. Judges took into account not only the finished product (from afar and upclose inspection) but the working relationship as well. Anyone who's been on set knows how imperative it is to get along with your collaborator, especially when time is an issue.

And from those factors, the winning honour of this challenge went to Conor McCullagh, a Canadian born feature film artist who teaches full time at the prestigious Joe Blasco Makeup School in Florida.

Though, missing the first elimination was only a step towards the grand prize which includes $100,000 and a years supply of makeup from the prestigious Alcone Company. Conor now has 10 other contestants to out-do when it comes to impressing the judges and drawing in viewers to establish himself among the elite in makeup artistry. With the rest of the season ahead of them, will the SyFy Channel get viewers to marvel at the creation of monsters or have them running scared?

Face Off
Wednesdays @ 10pm/9c
SyFy Channel


Budcrud said...

I want to be on this show SO badly!

Legend Rivera said...

Check out the fan contest;

It may get you one step closer!

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