Thursday, December 2, 2010

RED, she said.

There are only so many things you can say on twitter. It's difficult to articulate exactly what you want in true context without resorting to acronyms and emoticons which, to say the least (LOL! Get it?), can become too intricate to decifer. So when a tweet asked what kind of reds I could recommend, I found myself a bit tongue-tied.

Not only is red one of the most common colors associated with a woman's lip, it's shades can become trademark to your personality. Sit on that for a moment. Think about the kind of woman who wears reds...


An understated orange-ish red like Black Opal's #006 Candy Apple has the tiniest bit of subtle shimmer to reflect back a bit of bluish-pink. The slight conflict in tone causes the colors to counterbalance eachother and gives the look of a dimensional red in a creamy formula complete with vitamin A and E to nourish lips and lock in moisture. From a distance this color looks simple and to the point, but up close has a hint of whimsy. $6.50

Or you can forgo the orange and shimmer and just stick with bluish pink undertones but with just a tinge of brick. Very Cherry Color Sensational Lipstick by Maybelline New York will provide you with just as much moisture locking creaminess but the tone will seem more like... well, a cherry. But one of those cherries that's off the vine before it starts to take on a denser red tone. Although, with it's full coverage formula, I'd never call it immature. $7.19

But if sophistication is the message, reach out for a burnt brown-red to get your point across. L'Oreal Paris wants you to walk into that office and look like the boss. Another creamy formula that dries down to a satin finish, #302; Sunset Red says it's a "coral" but looks deep and moody and in charge. $8.95

As the weekend comes near, feel free to go Wet n' Wild. Loaded with tiny particles of glimmering red light, #514A Cherry Frost Silk Finish Lipstick has a lip-balm like feel and medium coverage red that will let your lips natural color show through but with a significant pink stain. Like you've had one too many glittered cosmopolitans. $0.99

Although, burlesque star Dita Von Teese, when frolicking in her own oversized mixed drink, has been a fan of FACE Stockholm 's Matte Claret Lipstick as it's dry finish and TRUE blue undertone is the perfect match for day, night and stage wear. The color is like a polished version of the standard pink/red combined with a dense, flat finish. One swipe of this formula is more than enough to make anyone think you belong on stage. $22.00

Being in the spotlight since 1994, Viva Glam, the original in the series of lipsticks from MAC Cosmetics is a dense, universal deep red suitable for anyone looking to make a statement. One that says, "I care". Since it's launch, the full sale price of any and all Viva Glam products goes directly to the MAC AIDS Fund, an organization dedicated to helping men, women and children affected by HIV and AIDS. $14.50

So, I guess, my best advice is to think hard about what you're trying to represent and, sure enough, you'll find the most suitable red.

I certainly couldn't fit that into a tweet!

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