Sunday, December 5, 2010

Product Review; "Rouge G de Guerlain Lipstick"

Guerlain Cosmetics was the first company to put lipstick in a tube.

As a young man, Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain left his home in Paris and moved to London to pursue an education in basic chemistry. When he made it back to France, he opened a shop on Rue De Rivoli selling self-manufactured fragrances and vinegar. Yes, vinegar. During that point in time, both were considered integral to common toiletries and resulted in his formulation of various other cosmetics like skin creams, tonics and a creme' "nivea".

Before turning his full attention to creating couture fragrances for the likes of Empress Eugenie and Emperor Napolean III, Pierre continued his innovative strike and began modeling makeup formulas into more modern and convenient devices. Among them, in 1870 was Ne m'oubliez pas, a wax based lip color that was in a "push-up" container that allowed a woman to apply directly from the tube. Before then, lip colors were available in small pots and needed to be painted on with an accompanying brush.

As the years passed, we saw other innovations including Le Rouge d'Enfer, a delicate chain mechanism that lifted the product from the cap, and Le Rouge Automatique, the implementation of a turning mechanism that could be applied with one hand. As the years passed, quality and attention to detail remained a constant and gave birth to multiple other cosmetic products that were sure to stand out, as not only fashionable pieces but, functional as well.

This decade brings us Rouge G de Guerlain, a lightweight lipstick formula boasting ruby powder for unprecedented radiance and hyaluronic acid microspheres to smooth out the appearance of fine lines and give lips the fullest pout. Utilizing rich emollients like wild mango butter, this smooth and silky lipstick comes encased in one of the most opulent tubes I think I have ever seen.

The casing is appropriate to the formula in decadence, for sure. The creation of famed jeweler Lorenz Baumer, the case slips away from the product to instantly reveal a mirrored compact perfect for touching up on the go. When folded down and placed back on the tube, it locks in place magnetically and is secured by an enclosing jewel-like tab engraved with the Guerlain "G". I was very shocked when I first picked up the tube as it's kind of heavy but noticed that most of the weight came from the mirror-topped cap as it keeps from wobbling over and stays perfectly in place when set down on a flat surface. Like it was it's own mini-vanity station.

Guerlain was the first company to put lipstick on a pedastool.

Rouge G De Guerlain Lipstick
; $46.00

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