Thursday, December 23, 2010

Product Review; "Jouer Cosmetics SPF Powder"

I usually carry with me, a big ol' bottle of Banana Boat particularly when on beach shoots or other outdoor settings and, believe me, everyone gets a good heaping amount be it models, photographers or production assistants. And while the texture is forgiving and, mixed with a bit of body foundation, even a bit nice on film, it's never compatible with face makeup. Period. So an SPF powder is very ideal in this circumstance. But only if it's velvety smooth. And compatible with skin tones. And doesn't need touching up too much. And won't dry skin out... and is fun to play with!

"Jouer" loosely translated from French means "to play". And in this case, let's play in the sun. Jouer Cosmetics has formulated a smooth finish powder with SPF 39 to block out any and all detriment the sun has to offer while retaining a soft texture that won't bake off skin. Utilizing a base of emollients like Shea Butter and Meadowfoam Seed Oil, this formula will also retain moisture in the skin while providing it with the healing anti-oxidant benefits of Vitamin E.

But did you graze over it? SPF 39! Seriously, the only other product for the face I can think of that has that kind of strength is Zinka. You know, that white stuff lifeguards leave on the bridges of their noses while looking over the beach. I don't know how they did it, but Jouer has managed to put that kind of strength without the starchy white effect and instead offers 4 soft complexion colors that compliment skin tones from very light to medium dark. Each formula has light-medium to medium coverage and can be interchanged as either a setting powder or coverage powder depending on whether you use a brush or sponge and comes in a sleekly designed compact that fits easily into your purse or pocket.

Sure does a lot more than Banana Boat ever could!

Jouer Cosmetics SPF Powder; $32.00

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