Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Product Review; "JONATHAN Product, Dirt Texturizing Paste"

My hair is getting pretty scraggly. Like, really unkempt and out of control. Particularly with the weather in NYC being so uncooperative lately, I've had to hide my melon under a beanie only to reveal major hat-head when I finally get indoors.

For the last couple of weeks, I've been growing it out to see how long before I get bored and let Luis just take the whole thing off. Although, it is a bit liberating to not worry about keeping a specific style in control, I'd rather not look like I'm wandering in from the streets to warm up a bit. Even though I'm probably just wandering in from the streets to warm up a bit. There's something to be said for a bit of sexy-scraggle. Not really dirty, but, ya know... kind of dirty. Of course, to achieve that look, I'm not about to reach for a pile of dirt. But maybe a jar.

JONATHAN Products has as it's star item, Dirt®, a bold water-based molding paste that creates the illusion of a scruffy, just out of bed look that molds hair back into shape even if it's been hidden all day. It has a sweet, yet subtle fragrance that is reminiscent of vanilla beans and lingers for only a bit before taking on your natural aroma. I've also found that the consistency of the paste is really nice over the shaft of the follicle and even prevents hair from frizzing out. Even after a treatment serum, it's not likely to create any density or heavy, sticky feel so there's no fear of actually looking dirty.

The idea behind the products inception was to achieve the look of hair one day after washing and with the tiniest amount of paste rubbed between palms it gives that illusion perfectly. The mousse-like texture keeps hair feeling smooth, silky and maintains it's malleability. Especially when revealed from under a beanie.

JONATHAN Product, Dirt Texturizing Paste; $26.00

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