Thursday, December 23, 2010

Product Review; "INGLOT Lipstick Matte"

I hate being in Times Square. Most New Yorkers do.

I heard Fran Lebowitz say that it was the equivalent of bumping into someone at an adult bookstore; neither of you will admit you're there on purpose. So what incentive could I possibly have for going to Times Square? My love for matte lipsticks... what else?

I prefer to use matte lipsticks because they have a full-coverage finish that is free of shimmer and glimmer. Just straight up color. The down side is, generally, matte lipsticks are dry. Sometimes, very dry. So dry, in fact, that in order to keep them from breaking up or getting flaky looking I tend to mix them with either lipbalm or a bit of petrolatum . Which certainly speaks of their versatility, but I've never been quite sure why no one has succinctly addressed this issue.

Well, maybe one company has addressed it pretty well, but you don't tend to find a smooth formula in anything other than basic neutrals and reds. And while I'm not about to downplay the adoration I have for a good red, sometimes I wanna be a bit more adventurous.

Adventurous enough to brave the tourist heavy Times Square. After battling the camera-wielding neon-sign-gazers, I started to regret my trip. However, a short distance from the 1 train, I could see my salvation. On the corner of Broadway and 48th, INGLOT Cosmetics offers up a wide range of provocative tones of matte lipsticks in a formula that boasts emollients like macademia nut oil and avacado oil to replenish moisture in lips and vitamin E to keep them from chapping or cracking. The colors I was most gravitating towards were #419; a rich, dense fuchsia and #420; a blue toned violet.

Obviously not colors for everyday wear, these two still offered exactly what I was hoping for; strong pigment, matte finish and most importantly, a dry texture that wasn't drying. Excellent coverage, consistency and color choices; my sense of adventure now has direction.

Unfortunately that direction is Times Square.

INGLOT Lipstick Matte; $12.00

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