Friday, December 24, 2010

Product Review; "Australian Scent Balm of Gilead Moisturizer"

I have not always been so kind to products that have distinctive fragrances. But that is more due to the particular notes I sense in them. The kind of characteristic that screams "fake". Most fragrances offend me deeply, but again, because they smell like they've been engineered as opposed to just have a naturally occurring aroma. When something "smells" I'd prefer it to smell like it smells instead of smelling smelly... don't act like you don't understand exactly what I'm saying.

Australian Scent is a brand that caused me a bit of hesitation when I came upon their booth at the Chelsea Market; as the wafting notes of essential oils could be detected from the neighboring booths. Instinctively I wanted to guard my nose, but realized that that wasn't entirely necessary. As a matter of fact, the more I concentrated on the scent, the more I wanted to investigate what it was. There was an earthiness and veiled density that I couldn't quite recognize... because it smelled "real".

Like a kitchen full of fresh herbs, the aS booth was an amalgam of citrus, florals, and organic bases that, once applied to skin, dissipated leaving only a "clean" after effect that was undetectable moments after application. A brand based on maintaining a small carbon footprint, Australian Scent was launched from frustration with other skin care lines offering results from harsh, synthetic ingredients. The signature product in the line of cleansers, eye serums and hair products, Balm of Gilead addressed that frustration and aided one of the creators in soothing his eczema while offering dual protection from further free radical damage.

Offered in a 3.8oz tub, Balm of Gilead comes in multiple formulas, but I chose to go with "unscented". Still fragrant with rich naturally based ingredients, this balm is meant to be used as a facial moisturizer but has multiple talents when it comes to dry or irritated skin. On rough patches on hands, neck or cuticles this waxy base literally melts onto skin leaving a slightly shiny surface but then seeps in improving not only skin's texture, but elasticity as well. When it comes to irritated skin, I've even gone as far as to combine the tiniest amount (the tip of a cotton swab) with a satin finish foundation to maintain a glow but aide in much needed hydration. Alone, this balm can be used in place of moisturizer or underneath for added protection particularly from the cold winter months.

I reach for this product time and again when in need of addressing hydration issues, and although rich in scent, it never offends clients. With regards to the scent, clients have described it as smelling sweet, smelling earthy, smelling rich, etc... But not one person has ever said it was "smelly".

Australian Scent Balm of Gilead Moisturizer; $38.00

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