Friday, December 3, 2010

Concealing Weapons

I've never read "Dear Abby", but from pop-culture references I understand that it is an advice column written by a woman who takes reader's suggestions and questions and puts her spin on resolving issues. I always wondered if the context of her advice suited her qualifications.

"I can't get on a plane without breaking into sweats"... Dear Abby.
"I want a bigger bust, should I begin stuffing my bra?"... Dear Abby.
"My husband likes wearing my panties, should I get him his own pair?"... Dear Abby.
"What kind of concealer do you recommend?"... hold on lady, I got this one.

Via facebook I recieved another inquiry that I thought I'd take to the blogosphere. Although, my wall is an open forum, I'm opt to write in detail as is consistent with my qualifications.

Generally, highlighting the area will relieve any blotchiness or darkness as the case may be with a medium-sheer formula like the wildly popular one from Yves Saint Laurent. The "light touch" or Touche Eclat Concealer leaves the faintest of coverage that mimics skin in it's most youthful, bright manner. Choosing the right tone to offset deepness or irritation under the eyes or over the highpoints of the skin is an easy way to conceal without adding density to the skin. $40.00

But where highlighters go wrong is their mass appeal and minimal coverage. Sometimes you've got to reach for one of those little known brands who's cult following is only matched by the efficacy of it's products. FACE Stockholm offers the same kind of benefits with it's Corrective Concealers but ups the ante with denser formulas that sheer down for comfort without compromising coverage. Tones to highlight, neutralize and conceal can be interchanged, mixed and layered to create optimal flawless looking skin. A favorite among them would be Neutralizer Blue, a peachy orange that elimates dark circles. Neutralizer Red is best suited for irritation and blotchiness around the cheeks, nose and chin. And the universal Highlighter Yellow is a great mixer with both as it will soften lines and make blending effortless. $26.00

If touching up isn't enough, Bobbi Brown offers up a formula that is not only opaque in coverage, but stretches beyond to double as foundation. Creamy Concealer has a dense, almost gummy texture that reminds me a bit of kindergarten paste (not as tasty though). But once applied, it melts down to a lightweight texture and becomes part of the skin with a dewy finish that can be set with powder or left alone for a luminous glow. Under eyes with a triangle sponge or over blemishes with a liner brush is enough to mask inconsistencies once and for all, provided you continue blending. Available in skin and corrective tones. $22.00

Every now and again, full-coverage just isn't enough. Sometimes I need a Perfecting Concealer, one designed to completely mask any condition be it blemishes, blotchiness or discrepancies in pigmentation. Stila Cosmetics went crazy when it comes to concealing but left the texture a little too creamy. Nothing that can't be remedied when set with powder. A small price to pay when it comes to perfection. $23.00

So whether you need a touch up or major coverage, hit me up on facebook and ask away. Let's leave the flat-chested, height-fearing, cross-dressers to Dear Abby.

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