Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Product Review; "NYX Cosmetics Glitter Powder"

I used to run a store in California called "Party Safari". We specialized in custom decor for events as well as supplies for any type of party theme you could possibly come up with. Among the wide array of items, there were these packages of reflective mylar paper that I had a hard time keeping in stock. Mostly due to the large farming community.

What? Why?

Well, Morgan Hill, Ca. was one of those really small towns that had vast stretches of orchards and gardens that would be habitually harassed by birds. Flocks of birds. Eating and nesting among the rows of produce as well as pooping all over the surrounding farms. You can imagine the nuisance. So rather than spend money on shotgun shells, most farmers and gardeners would drop by the store and load up on mylar paper that they would then shred into strips and dangle from portions of their land they most wanted to protect from the fowl fouls. (<-- I made a pun right there! Did you get it?! Man, I'm funny.) The reflective light would serve as an annoyance to their inner visual mechanism and throw them off course.

It's ironic that we, humans, behave in exactly the opposite manner. Shiny and reflective is generally how we try to invoke interest. Think neon signs and disco balls. Even police sirens still cause everyone to stop and stare, mesmerized by all the pretty colors.

With the holiday season coming up, shiny reigns supreme and glitter tends to be the go-to item when you think about the festive spirit. But no one wants to go over-board. Ideally, you'd want to maintain a maximum of dancing light with minimum product. Not too much. Not too little. So I reach for NYX Cosmetics Glitter Powder... just right.

The small 5ml vials(about the size of a large grape) come with a black screw top lid that locks tight keeping any product from falling out and supply just the right amount to use for a light sprinkling over eye makeup, mixing into lipgloss or dusting into hair that is sure to catch and reflect any surrounding flashing lights. Plus, the price point ($3.00USD) is very agreeable and affords you the opportunity to load up on colors and tones to switch up your look come New Years Eve.

Other cosmetic glitters can come in larger chunks and are great for use with some kind of adhesive. Others still come in larger containers that will last you a long time, but then you're stuck with a much larger jar you may never get to the bottom of. NYX Glitters, are finely milled and tend to hold to the skin without much help since the particles are so small. And the container is just the right size if you don't feel like making that long of a commitment. I'm not sure if sparkly reflective glitter is gonna be the kind of thing you'll reach for that often.

Unless, of course, you're trying to keep birds away.

NYX Cosmetics Glitter Powder; $3.00

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