Saturday, November 13, 2010

Product Review; "got2b ultra glued Invincible Styling Gel"

We live in a world full of numerous potential dangers; earthquakes, hurricanes, or the dreaded Nuclear Attack!... Stress among stress abounds leaving you feeling down, depressed and aching to recuperate that which is most important to you. Isn't it nice to know that through all the drama and stress, you never have to worry about having a hair out of place?

Praise baby-Jesus!...and the geniuses at Schwarzkopf, of course.

Under the Schwarzkopf umbrella of companies we have one of my go-to brands; got2b. The makers of other favored products like Spiking Glue and Magnetik Styling Wax bring us got2b ultra glued Invincible Stying Gel; a dense water based gel that acts like Kevlar to every hair follicle.

The main agent in charge of maintaining invincibility is something the brand is calling ALPHA XTR, a trademarked "non-sticky, no-flake formula" that allows for smooth application and the kind of staying power I'd recommend for weather men reporting from the eye of a tornado.


"...put it down and slowly back away if you're not up for the strongest gel hold ever!"

Initially, images of unflattering hairstyles come to mind when I think about extreme hold, but that has more to do with application technique than it does with the actual product. Seeing as how this formula is rich and dense and allows for maximum hold, the tiniest bit is necessary for even the most unruly of hair. Taking a small dollop (about the size of a gumball) and running it through my hands and over my head, I found that the product immediately creates a "wet" texture that is very pliable for about 20 seconds before it freezes into place. But if my hands or hair are slightly damp, the play-time is stretched another 15 seconds before the water dries out. Combed back or forth a few times keeps it from looking shell-like and any strays or frayed edges are smoothed right out. And believe me, "invincible" is the right word.

I spent the day walking around the city, then running and tumbling at the gym, then out with friends, then drunkedly stumbling into my bed to which I awoke the next day, hungover, sea-sick and sweaty, but with immaculate, fresh looking hair. Even though it smelled a bit of Budweiser, the style never deviated. Something tells me I could have been a moving target at a shooting range and the bloody mangled pile of what used to be my head would still manage to have a perfect side part.

Of course, I'd only go so far when testing a product, and when considering real-world conditions, this product is quite "invincible". But I doubt it's bullet-proof.

got2b ultra glued Invincible Stying Gel; $5.49

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