Friday, November 5, 2010

Product Review; "Anthony Logistics Glycolic Cleanser"

My former roommate always thought it was a bit curious that the bathroom cupboard was filled with various makeup and skin care products that were half-used or sometimes not even touched. Then one snowy day he (with my permission) walked into my closet to borrow a jacket and saw the boxes stacked in the corners filled with, yes, half-used makeup and skin care products. Where was I getting all this stuff and why was I hanging on to it?

"Are we going to be on 'Hoarders'?"

I get sent stuff all the time and make it a point to try them ALL before doing any kind of review. But sometimes, there's only so much ONE person can do. So, this was a perfect time for a bit of recruitment.

Among the few items I offered him were a shower gel, a body lotion, lip balm and Anthony Logistics Glycolic Cleanser; a slightly moisturizing lotion that strips the skin of impurities and uses a mild glycolic acid to remove dead skin cells and prevent irritations like ingrown hairs and mild acne. You'd think I just offered him gold.

"NO S#$T?! This will get rid of those marks on my neck?!"

Well, bro... you tell me.

After a couple of weeks, it was very obvious, he had fallen in love with Anthony. He remarked on how smooth his skin had become and how much easier shaving was; no more burns or nics around the chin and neck area.

"Bro, I f#%$ing love this stuff!"

A month or two had passed by when I heard a knock on my door. When the door opened I saw two things; an empty bottle of cleanser and big, sad, puppy-dog eyes.

"Do you have any more?"

The next day I swung by SpaceNK and picked up another bottle for the guy. We'll call it payment for being such a good helper =D.

I came home with the bottle in it's own black bag with ribbon handle, all nice and wrapped up like a special treat, but to an empty apartment. So I left it on the coffee table thinking he'll see it and pick it up and go back to his happy cleansing bliss. The next morning, it was still there. Maybe he came in late and didn't see it? But, the next day when I came home, it was still sitting there untouched, unmoved... unloved =(.

Another 2 days later, I heard the front door open, angry footsteps up the stairs and loud muttering into a cellphone. I'm no one's father so I just went back to watching reruns of Star Trek TNG. Later, as I came out of the shower, he was standing there holding the bag and thanking me;

"You would not believe the f@#%ing weekend I had!"

Apparently he had been in jail... but the worst part was;

"All they have in lock-up is some crappy bar soap in the showers and I didn't get to use my cleanser!"

Uh, glad you like it that much, but all I could think was;

Are we going to be on "COPS"?

Anthony Logistics Glycolic Cleanser
; $20.00

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