Saturday, October 9, 2010

Product Review; "Superman Justice League Eau De Toilette"

I am currently boycotting Target Stores in response to politics that have nothing to do with makeup or skincare so I will not go into details. Fortunately I shall not go without toilet paper as there is a Rite Aid Store a few blocks from my apartment. And as an added bonus, they have a fairly expansive health and beauty center showcasing multiple cosmetics and fragrance brands.

Varieties of which to include Superman Justice League Eau De Toilette; . Want to leap buildings in a single bound? Be faster than a speeding locomotive? Yea, that's not going to happen. But now you can smell like the Man of Steel. I guess. How do we know what Superman smells like?

Well according to fragrance company Marmol and Son Superman smells like a combination of aldehydes, alchohol bases, and synthetic compounds that linger even after a handwashing. You know how after you shower at the gym and you still don't quite feel clean because the surrounding area is fermenting in sweat and Speed Stick? Now you can have that sensation in a bottle.

I'll be straight with ya'll, I totally bought this as a joke. Oddly enough, I was a bit surprised to find that this product was packaged rather well in shrink wrap with a dense padded box. I figured the product itself was a goof, but right there on the side label read,

"this is not a toy"

And to further reiterate that point was also written,

"Warning; glass bottle. Caution: Flammable until dry. Avoid spraying in eyes"

So, there seems to be a bit of hyperbole in marketing this "fragrance" with a famous cartoon character on the packaging. Who else (besides me) would be interested in purchasing this product with the sole intent on actually using it? Apparently anyone else shopping at Rite Aid who's got a spare $13.50 on their bank card.

Or maybe you want to spend a little more? How about around $20+ ? There seems to be a little bidding war going on at eBay for something that's starting to give me a bit of a headache. But, the novelty seems to be worth more than expected as the prices are fluxing across the hours.

How much would you pay to smell like a guy who bounces bullets off his chest?

Superman Justice League Eau De Toilette; $13.50

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