Saturday, October 16, 2010

Product Review; "Revlon Contour Shadow Brush"

I have anywhere from 3 to 12 of each style of brush I own and , believe me, that can get a little expensive. Call it greed? Call it compulsive shopping? Call it a fetish?

Nope, just call it clean.

If you have ever been backstage at New York Fashion Week you know the kind of chaos that is customary when trying to attend to multiple models in a limited amount of time. I've heard that "success comes when preparation meets opportunity" and I don't think that includes a bad case of "pink-eye". So prepared I shall be!

I know it sounds gross (because it is) but backstage you will see many a makeup artist using the same brush time and time again on model after model after model with no regard for even wiping down the bristles in between uses.

See, told you it was gross.

But not me, NO SIR! I am always sure to switch out tools in between uses to insure that there is no sharing of bacteria what so ever. And I know a few models who agree with me. Seeing as how I've got a little following of girls circling me as I finish each look.

I have always relied on a good fluff brush for buffing out edges and sweeping on highlights and, generally, I reach for one of two; either the 224 or the #27. Both are excellent with large round fluffy bristles but tend to flare out a little too much when I want to be a bit more specific.

Enter Revlon Contour Shadow Brush with it's soft, fluffy yet rounded smooth tip for blending smaller, more intricate areas around the eye. It's only slightly tapered at the edges but the more intriguing quality is that it's bristles are long enough to get into the crease of the eye, but short enough to maintain some more control over product application. The handle is light-weight and moderately tapered toward the end so it sits pretty comfortable in your grip. On top of that, the bristles are made of natural hair like my other favorites so they come clean easily in a little brush cleaner or shampoo with water.

Unlike my other favorites, buying a few of these won't break the bank. For $6.99 at my local Duane Reade I can afford to load up on these great fluff brushes. I'll certainly be keeping a good stock of them backstage that's for sure!

It's the cheapest way to stay clean.

Revlon Countour Shadow Brush; $6.99

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Anonymous said...

Yeah! Someone keeping it clean!

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