Saturday, October 16, 2010

Product Review; "Milani Crystal Eyez Sparkling Eye Shadow"

Billboards and advertisements in large scale publications with gorgeous supermodels looking immaculately groomed inspires the kind of envy in a consumer that will make them open their wallets and pay just about anything to be part of the dream. Then comes the realization; "Uhmmm... I'm hungry."

What to do when you realize you've spent the grocery money on the most lavish cosmetics? Well, now you know how models stay so thin.

In response to this dilemma, Milani Cosmetics prides itself on offering luxury quality makeup at prices anyone can afford. For only $6.99 you too can own glittering, shimmering, colorful eyes to invoke a little envy yourself.

While stalking the aisles at my local CVS Pharmacy, I came across these fun little tubes of glitter creme with the intention of passing them by thinking they were just another form of gloss with a tacky texture I'd have a hard time removing. So I gave them no other thought and went back to looking for cotton swabs.

After walking back and forth for a bit I ended up asking a store clerk where he was hiding the Q-Tips as there were none on the display, and he gladly let me know that they were in the middle of restocking and would grab a box for me once the hand truck came out. So I stood there for a bit milling around waiting patiently... noticing those same fancy tubes of glitter dancing in the fluorescent light directly above... teasing me... tantalizing me.


By the time the clerk came back I now had my hands full of Crystal Eyez Eyeshadow in 6 gorgeous shades.

"Do you need a basket?", he asked.


At the checkout counter I was a bit shocked to realize that I hadn't even spent $50. Not too bad when you consider an equivalent product will run you about $20 for just one. And that doesn't even include the mixing medium, which is the most important part of the formula to get the product to stay well.

In Milani's case the solution the refined glitter resides in is water based with a bit of a gel-like texture that is non-irritating and has no tendency to crease or budge once it dries down. Definitely not "tacky" at all. I even went as far as to layer it over other eye-shadows just to test it's staying power and was pleased to find that, not only did it last, the colors showed even truer, reflected even more sparkle, and held without drying out. Adding to that, there was really no tremendous density to the product and it remained pretty light-weight. And I've still got some cash left!

That reminds me; I'm hungry.

Milani Crystal Eyez Sparkling Eye Shadow; $6.99

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