Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Product Review; "MAC Venomous Villains, Magically Cool Liquid Powder"

In the mid 80's a little known makeup brand from Toronto, the brainchild of makeup artist Frank Toskan and businessman Frank Angelo, started making waves in the fashion industry when it developed a following among makeup artists in the surrounding areas. Soon it was appearing on runways, photoshoots and even the lips of a burgeoning burlesque performer during her "Blonde Ambition Tour".

By the early 90's, it was official..., MAC had arrived.

Giving rise to innovation and creative mixes of pigments, textures and finishes Makeup-Art Cosmetics (MAC) has established itself as a forerunner in cosmetics as we know it today, setting the standard for all companies to come. I have never met a professional makeup artist without Studio Fix in their kit, a pop diva who doesn't rely on Russian Red Lipstick or a teenage girl who isn't swooning after her first tube of Lipglass.

Best known for it's innovative formulas and rebellious attitude, MAC stays true to it's heritage while collaborating with the Walt Disney Company to release the Venomous Villains Collection; a gathering of products with themes suiting various "bad guys" in the Disney repertoire of childrens films.

Where most companies would prefer the fluffy, pretty girly characters like those from the Disney Princesses, MAC went the opposite direction and focused on the villains. Ask Senior Vice President of MAC Worldwide, James Gager "why villains?" and he'll respond;

"Come on — aren't the nastier ones more fun? "

Indeed they are.

The corporate motto "all ages, all races, all sexes" is supremely evident as we see one of those nasty characters, Dr. Facilier from the famed fable remake, "The Princess and the Frog" emblazened atop a magical potion-like powder that melts onto your skin.

The formula is composed of a method that encapsulates water in a finely milled powder that is then released via body temperature. Dusted lightly over foundation or bare skin this luxurious powder invigorates the skin with a cooling sensation. The tiniest bit of shimmer is apparent and emulates a soft glow making this product ideal for a complexion in need of a little magic.

When I first opened the tub of the fairer color "Truth and Light", I noticed that it had a silky texture and the slightest bit of weight. Yes, I meant "weight". But the moment I draped it over my hand, it literally melted away leaving a soft finish that suggested I had just cast a spell. With no further consideration, I also picked up the deeper tone "Cajun", a reddish brown tone ideal for darker complexions or perhaps for bronzing.

Using a soft powder brush to dust a fine layer over skin can prove to be addicting. The sensation is one you'll have to experience to believe as it does feel quite intriguing. And even after a few swipes, you'd think it would start building up more girth, but not at all. The density remained consistent as the satin-like finish continued to reflect back flawless skin.

It has proven to be a treat for my clients as well, as I have committed this product to my set-kit. Each time I do a little dusting, I get the same incredulous reaction from the girls in the chair. It's made very clear that this was a product no one has ever experienced before. A quizzical look always beams out of their eyes after the first swipe and you can see the reasoning begin to flourish their minds. Questions such as "who could make such an intriguing, distinct product?". But before I can even offer an explanation, they've already begun asking;

"Is it MAC?"

Magically Cool Liquid Powder; $29.50

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