Saturday, October 16, 2010

Product Review; "FACE Stockholm Mineral Foundation SPF 15"

An "Anglophile" is someone who greatly admires those from England and all things English. Is there such a thing as a "Swedo-phile"?

Cosmetics company FACE Stockholm has carved a niche for itself among very specific clientele who can't seem to get enough of this Swedish line. It's almost as if once you're into it, you can't quite seem to let go. Although many a makeup artist will sing it's praises they also tend to include the retort; "but I can never find it!".

Established in the 1980's, owners Gun Nowak and Martina Arfwidson made sure to maintain controlling interest in the brand; marketing it to select locations around the world including metropolitans like Dubai, New York City and, of course, Stockholm. But you won't find it Starbucks-style on every street corner. Instead, they've managed to maintain the integrity and quality of the brand by limiting locations and operating them according to their personal specifications. The products offered in the line of skincare, color products and essential tools reflect that kind of attention to detail including it's minimal exposure.

Like a trade secret, FACE Stockholm brings us it's latest release, Mineral Foundation Powder SPF 15. Like other mineral-based foundation powders, this product comes in a flip-top compact for easy portability and storage but where it really stands out is the formula.

Boasting most mineral elements like Mica, Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide this versatile foundation powder uses emollients like Aluminum Hydroxide and the benefits of Retinyl Palmitate. Essential oils are used as a binding agent keeping the product pressed firmly but is still released easily with the swipe of a powder brush.

I have an affinity towards mineral foundations and for the longest time would reach for another brand but found it a bit dry at times. When given the opportunity to play with even another brand I was a little perturbed by the packaging which seemed excessive even though there wasn't much product actually in it. And FACE does make another mineral foundation but it comes in loose form and I tend to be on the clumsy side and don't trust them in my kit. I much prefer the convenience of a pressed mineral foundation as they make travel particularly easy.

If you are ever in Sweden you'll notice a rather largely fair skinned population. But the color options for this product are varied between very light and medium dark and are excellent even for just a bit of touch up or in conjunction with other coverage products for almost any skin tone. Of course, I do keep other color options in my kit for those who have deeper complexions but usually find myself wanting to reach for this formula specifically. Almost subconsciously even. Like I really REALLY want this product even if it's not the right color.

Maybe I should contact the dictionary people? Starting to think "Swedo-phile" should be a word.

FACE Stockholm Mineral Powder Foundation SPF 15; $38

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