Monday, October 11, 2010

Product Review; "Amore Pacific Skin Energy Hydration Delivery System"

Hydration is truly the key when trying to maintain a healthy looking complexion complete with radiant, youthful glow. But apparently, water isn't part of that equation.

Skincare and cosmetics company Amore Pacific relies instead on bamboo extract for it's moisturizing and emollient capabilities but also for it's antioxidant and detoxifying characteristics. The majority of the formulas found in the Amore Pacific arsenal contain bamboo extract and not one of them has water. Which, oddly enough, is not so great for your skin as it seems.

Aqua Purificata(water) is generally the first ingredient to be listed on the majority of skincare products because it makes for an easy emollient, but there is only really a slight need for water in the first few layers of skin. Any more than the needed amount can disrupt the skin's intercellular matrix; the components that bind the cells and maintain the structural integrity. Who would have thought you could drown in face cream?

No one.

You ever taken too long of a shower or bath and your hands get all pruney? That's the effect. So you don't actually NEED water in your moisturizer, but it don't hurt. You just don't want to go overboard.

Which is exactly what I will NOT be doing with this product. To be honest, I was a little put off when I did a slight mist over my arm as the spray has the slightest bit of fragrance. When I flipped over the box and looked at the ingredients, there at the bottom of the list was the culprit- Fragrance.

I have a pretty sensitive nose and anything that has even the remotest synthetic smell will send it into overdrive. This is why I never reach for cologne, no matter how fancy it may be. And that's all I could get the sense of when I did the first couple of trial runs with this "hydrating mist".

Now, not to be all gloom and stinky-doom, the skin on my arm certainly did show a bit of soft texture and the formula does dissipate right away leaving no residue. And since it also boasts glycerin in the mix, it did lay very well over a bit of concealor and powder when blended on my forearm, so this would be ideal for setting makeup.

But, I couldn't bring myself to do a shot in the face. The scent is just far too strong and I know I'd be keeling over after a few moments. On top of that, there's a bit of concern when I see the word "fragrance" on any label as the term is one that has absolutely no regulation under FDA Guidelines or cosmetic labeling procedures. Which means, it can have pretty much anything in the compound. ANYTHING.

Thanks, but I'll just stick with water.

Amore Pacific Skin Energy Hydration Delivery System; $35


melissa said...

I totally agree with you about the annoying and unnecessary fragrance in this line. I got a couple samples a month ago of the moisturizer and was immediately turned off. Have you tried any of NUDE's products? It's a probiotic skincare line. They have it at Barney's, whole foods & some sephora locations. I'm curious to see what you think.

Legend Rivera said...

Oh, sure. I'm familiar with NUDE. Not too into it, but I just may have to do a post just for you! Thanks for reading!

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