Friday, October 1, 2010

Grooming with the Stars

On very rare occasions, I will be tasked with many kinds of grooming. Again, RARE occasions. I would prefer to leave it to people who have specialized such skills as there are few places I am willing to go... take that as you will.

But every now and again, I'll be on a shoot for underwear/lingerie/bathing suits and it will become very obvious that the model didn't take the time to "prepare" for wardrobe. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and rather than leave the task up to post production airbrushing, I'll have a small kit on hand to tackle such situations. But this, again, is very rare.

The odd thing is, it's the kind of thing most people can't quite seem to decide on, so there tends to be a bit of debate as to whether or not anything should be done/could be done/wants to be done/is willing to be done.

Mostly with men, it's a pretty sensitive area. Pun intended. Which is why preparation is really key.

In his recent book Survival Guide to the Apocalypse, MMA Champion Forrest Griffin keeps that in mind when discussing personal hygene in anticipation of our impending doom. Recognizing the loss of Bed Bath and Beyond, Griffin will also go without the,

"...sweet smelling perfumes and home wax kits [and] everyone's situation down there will get a lot more unruly. Instead of resembling a neatly manicured lawn, the post-apocalyptic bush will actually resemble a bush... If you do not take advantage of all the benefits a clean body supplies, you will regret it down the road. "

Gentlemen... be prepared. If you really like, you could even take a tutorial for maintaining certain parts of your body whether it's your groin, armpits, or chest.

Griffin's advice lends not only to the inevitable destruction of society as a whole, but possibly to alleviate scrutiny as well. Women, after all are tasked with more body grooming than their male counterparts. And the attention paid to it can be pretty controversial.

Adult film star Sasha Grey recently made recurring appearances on the hit HBO series Entourage as the new girlfriend to it's lead character. At the end of the episode entitled "Hair", Grey, who is no stranger to frontal nudity, was tastefully filmed completely nude walking into a pool. As with all episodes of the show, it was filmed with fantastic lighting from non-invasive angles and was integral to the plot and character development. But after the episode aired, the blogosphere and mainstream entertainment press was buzzing with speculation. Of the scene? Of the main characters spiral into decline? Grey's performance?


The only subject raising eyebrows had the unofficial moniker of "bush-gate". Apparently, the majority of reporters have no acceptance of the "natural" look.

Inspiring this kind of media attention has done nothing to motivate the actress to take any particular measures, which is supremely admirable, as it warrants none. Personal grooming is, of course, a personal choice. But when grooming is integral to a performance, the choice is pretty clear.

The "natural" look has no place in the world of drag queen beauty pageants and the queen of all competitive gender illusionists,Carrie Fairfield, is not one to skimp on preparation. Bridging the gap between male and female, Fairfield relies on her Norelco 2040/34 Body Groomer to keep stubble at bay and give the look of a smooth, feminine facade. From all angles of view.

After all, those stage lights are not forgiving and the judgment of other queens can be brutal. Putting her best leg forward garners the kind of attention necessary when playing host to the largest online community honoring the art form of female impersonation and drag pageantry,

So whether it's the end of the world, time to film a nude scene, or strutting on the catwalk, the advice is clear; be prepared. I may not be there to help.

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