Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Product Review; "Xotics Shave Therapy"

Shaving is a pain. Literally.

Never have I been in a group of guys and found myself saying, "ya know what's fun?! SHAVING! Whose got a razor?! Let's go to town!".

Sure, it seems cool when you're 11 years old watching dad whip up a foam to slice away his beard to the skin to reveal a cheek soft enough for mom to smooch "good morning" as she hands him a mug of piping hot coffee (this never happened to me, I just imagine it's the experience of someone with a happy childhood). But when you're about 17 with a face full of acne and scraggly thin hairs coming out the top of your chin, the last thing you want is the impending carnage of dragging a razor across your face.

There's the inherent razor burn, the nics, the ingrown hairs, the scraping, the after-shave sting, etc... None of which are a forethought for men, in general. When there's hair and you need there not to be hair, all you want to do is get rid of it. Not much goes into preparation or consideration as to what tools to use. It's better to have someone who knows what they're doing take care of this matter.

While on my 2nd or 3rd trip to TouchUps Barber Shop I realized that, although my face remained fuzzy, the back of my head had been getting shaved every trip. I felt no drag, so it never struck me that I was, indeed, being shaved. When it hit me, I finally asked owner and operator Luis Torres what the serum he had been rubbing on my scalp that made his razor glide so effortlessly.

Xotics Shave Therapy
is the brainchild of famed celebrity groomer Curtis Smith whose client list resembles the line up of the Source Awards complete with Mr. P. Diddy himself. Smith is a destination groomer working on national campaigns, music videos as well as featured appearances at the famed Bronner Bros. Show in Atlanta, GA. where the top stylists in urban hair congregate and compete in outlandish presentations showcasing the most creative (practical?) styles and products.

At this show not only will you find Smith sporting a diamond encrusted clipper around his neck, but his line of naturally based products that kept Luis from slicing up mine.

A mixture of Shea Butter, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Orange, Tea Tree oils and Lavendar create a soothing balm that has just enough emollient qualities to keep from causing any drag or irritation from a razor but retains a calming sensation in case any should occur. Blended lightly, the formula has the consistency of a mousse that melts into skin with no oily residue. Once rinsed, the texture of skin is greatly improved and hydrated with no need for an "after-shave". But, if you feel like you really need one, just do another small dollop of product and go right in.

The one thing I noticed with this product is that you can't really over-use it. Not only is the packaging pretty fool proof, but the formula is so light and packed full of good stuff, it's like a treat for the skin.

Once up and out of the chair, I used Shave Therapy on my fuzzy mug and found the same kind of ease I felt on the back of my neck. Complete with the aromatic qualities of the essential oils that invigorated the skin and even softened hair to make the shave all that more easy. I know I sang the praises of other formulas in the past, but, to be honest, they were cheap.

However, at $15, I'd call this formula anything but. Using top knotch ingredients is one thing, but to offer a product that multi-tasks for under $20?

I'd call that painless.

Xotics Shave Therapy; $15.00

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Steven said...

Great product, I use it every trip I make to Touch ups Barbershop in Yonkers, NY

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