Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Product Review; "No Frizz Straight Styling Treatment"

First and foremost I am a makeup artist. Not a hairstylist. There are some intricacies to doing hair that, quite frankly, boggle my mind. And though it's a craft I'm not really looking to develop, I do have hair. A lot of it, actually.

So much, in fact, I've found that when I do take the effort to have it maintained, I'm in need of someone who really knows what they're doing as it can become quite unruly very quickly. Otherwise, I just look like any other fuzzy wolf-man here to do your makeup!

A few years back, I was contacted to work with a new company called "Living Proof". Of whom I had just read about in my October issue of Allure Magazine when they were announced as winning 2008's Beauty Breakthrough Award... before it's release to the public. Impressive, right? Having this fore-knowledge proved useful when on set as I was able to chat with the company's founder.

Living Proof was started as a labor of scientific innovation. Using a molecular anti-frizzing agent called PolyflouroEster, as opposed to the common Silicone, Living Proof was able to establish itself as developing the first new anti-frizzing technology in over 30 years. While the traditional Silicone has a silk-like consistency when applied to hair, it has some definite girth to it, creating more density on the follicle as well as weight. Plus it coats the hair in a shield-like fashion that keeps moisture out(the main cause of frizzy hair).

PolyflouroEster is so small in comparison to Silicone, it adds almost NO additional weight to hair while still being able to keep frizz at bay. But, as an insurance policy, it's available in various formulas for different hair types. While some may reach to suit their slim, delicate blonde locks, I had to grab for the treatment marked "for thick to coarse hair". Unfortunately, they didn't have a recipe for "untamed werewolf hair".

The serum is lightweight and slick and kind of feels silky, not sticky. There's almost no weight to it in the bottle and I thought maybe I had gotten one that wasn't filled completely. A dollop in my hand run through damp hair was easily spread through to the roots and, once dry, felt like nothing at all.

Almost immediately I noticed the texture of my hair soften up and my wavy coarse strands were simmered down as if lulled into rest. Running my fingers through my hair I noticed no texture or slippery feeling but rather a smooth finish and more malleability. I didn't even feel the need to use styling product as my dome now had the cool "messy, out of bed" look. Which makes sense, cuz I had just rolled out of bed. Only now, it stayed looking like that all day.

Best of all, the product actually holds even after 1 or 2 shampoos. I finally feel like I've got that frizz problem under control. Looking forward to the next full moon!

Living Proof No Frizz Straight Styling Treatment; $24.00

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