Monday, September 6, 2010

Product Review; "Latina Bella Concealer"

If you're taking count, this would be around 3 or 4 products I have picked up on my odd walk through the aisles at Duane Reade. Some people have more productive habits. But at least mine are tax-deductable!

Latina Bella Cosmetics is a brand of makeup that I've never come across before. Being latin, I was intrigued. Reading through the product ingredients, I didn't see anything that was too unusual so, being the investigative jounalist I am, I hunted down the website and looked at what this company had to say about itself;

"Look no further! Latina Bella Cosmetics is a BRAND NEW way to express YOU! With Foundations that match actual gold and olive skin undertones instead of rose and pink colors, our make-up line is tailored to fit your look, not everyone else's."

While it is true that there is a common market for caucasion skin-tones (mostly bieges and pinks) I find that this is specifically true of most drugstore makeup brands and not of department store brands like MAC or Bobbi Brown. However, you're likely to pay quite a bit more for those kinds of brands.

Foundation and color products are all individually priced under $20 and, where most other drug store-brands will skimp on packaging, Latina Bella certainly does not. Now, I don't mean blister cards and paper boxes. I'm talking about the actual tubes and compacts the products come in; very sturdy.

Kind of luxurious when you think about it. In fact, reminiscent of another luxury brand: NARS.

Francois Nars originally modeled the off black tone and gummy texture of his product packaging on the blackboards from his elementary school. Actually, the grip on the tubes and compacts of both NARS and Latina Bella keeps the product from slipping from your hand and still come clean fairly easily while maintaining the sophisticated look.

But, it's what inside that counts, right?

Latina Bella Concealer comes in 3 shades; light, medium and dark. I gave the "dark" shade a run through as under-eye coverage, since, frankly, it wasn't really that "dark". I'd say it was close to Select Moisturecover in NC30. Which is a color that's very ideal for most latin skin tones. So at least that's spot on!

The coverage is medium-full and blends very easily. The base ingredients are among the usual suspects like mineral oil and talc providing easy blending and not much texture. The brand recommends you try it as an eye base as well. Although, I'd recommend you sheer them out as much as possible before layering on eyeshadow to prevent too much creasing.

The wear time is about 4 or 5 hours when used without foundation or setting powder. With other coverage items, the wear is extended considerably. Not much creasing or weight othewise but for spot treatment, I'd definitely set it with powder at least. Definitely a great alternative for latina's who don't frequent department stores.

Latina Bella Concealer; $7.99

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