Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Product Review; "got2b Magnetik Styling Wax"

I have been single now going on... uhm... a while. Don't worry about it. I didn't say anything.

But, if I did decide to say something, it'd probably have to do with attraction. There are a lot of factors that go into attraction, most commonly referred to as "chemistry". And, ironically enough, "chemistry" actually has a lot to do with chemistry or, more specifically, pheromones; a fragrant property designed to stimulate sexual attraction.

Pheromones are the newest selling point to got2b's recent launch of products in the Magnetik line, with the tag line; "causing a chemical reaction". Of course, I'm not terribly interested in having a herd of women bust through a wall to stroke my hair, but still, I found myself intrigued to learn more.

got2b offers, in it's line of products, Spiking Glue that I have as a permanent fixture in my hair-care arsenal. It's staying power is admirable and price point is eviable to higher end brands who can't offer the same kind of resilience. Strong enough to stand up to heavy winds and even mild rain. Working off of that impression alone was enough to pick up the Magnetik Styling Wax with Pheromones. If the product kept me just as stiff maybe the pheromones could give me reason to put it to use.

That was a dirty joke, btw. Did you get it?

Anyway, the texture of the styling wax was a bit creamier than most texturizing pastes and felt a little bit wetter. Usually, a paste is composed of various emollients like waxes or oils that coagulate to create a "gummy" texture. But this one felt a little like hair gel when it starts to dry out. There were also small granules mixed in which I'm assuming were some kind of stablized pheromone property that gets activated when rubbed between the palms. Once combed through hair that was slightly dampened, it began to let off a smell that I noticed immediately. Kind of like the original formula of Speed Stick. That familiar just-out of the shower mix of hot water+sweat+soap. I convinced myself that I didn't like it.

Then I smelled my hands to be sure.

Then I smelled the jar.

Then I smelled my hands.

Then I rubbed my hands over my head and smelled them again.

Then I rubbed my finger over the product in the jar and smelled it once more while my other hand began grazing my chest and...

Oh, sorry.

Anyway, uhhh... it doesn't smell so bad. As a matter of fact, when I started walking around in the sun with it, the scent was noticeable but incredibly faint. Enough for me to realized I had it on, but not nearly enough for anyone to take obvious notice.

I'm not much of a cologne guy and I generally like to not smell like anything at all but, as is becoming more obvious, I think I would reach for Magnetik Styling Wax if for the vague scent alone. Although the product does hold a style pretty well, I'm not sure I love the finished look alone but it did perform well in combination with my Spiking Glue. So maybe I'll use it as a kind of base just so I can get the aroma that is slowly starting to grow on me in the most peculiar way.

Is it me or does the packaging look vaguely erotic?

I think I've been single too long.

got2b Magnetik Styling Wax; $6.99

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