Monday, September 6, 2010

Product Review; "Alba Coconut Lime Cream Shave"

I rock the chops like nobody's business!!!

Fo sheez!

...however, all things must come to an end (sad-face icon with a teardrop). Fashion Week quickly approaches and I always like to put my best face forward when it comes to interviews and meetings with designers and all the fancy fashion big-wigs. So, while examining my hairy mug in the mirror, I contemplated the professional look I'll be unveiling when it comes time to shear off my manly cheek pads.

So I grabbed my clippers and started shaping my face with multiple designs using my copy of The Bearded Gentleman as a guide.

After experimenting with multiple shapes I realized that I hadn't had a completely shorn face since before I was old enough to shave and used my dad's razor to scrape at the adolescent acne bombarding my chin. So, maybe now that I'm a big boy, I should probably shave like one. But, being in the industry of skin, I know how harsh most creams and foams can be on the face so I began looking for a suitable replacement.

I had once used a cream from a high end brand that I quite liked, but with it's $25 price tag, I opted to find a suitable replacement that wouldn't break the bank. One that would maintain the moisture in my skin as well as provide my razor with enough slip to guard against razor burn. Alba to the rescue.

Alba's Coconut Lime Cream Shave has a severe amount of moisturizing ingredients like Coconut Oil, Jojoba and Aloe to give skin the soothed and hydrated texture that prohibits drag from any standard razor. Not to mention, Vitamin E to aide in nourishing any mishaps that may occur. Mostly, the texture feels like a light-weight oil that rinses clean away.

Since it comes in a nice large container, you should feel free to use it anywhere you feel the need to remove unwanted hair. Although, I will caution you, this formula contains the invigorating properties of lime as well that can be a little too stimulating for more sensitive areas... yea, I'm thorough.

So if you feel like joining the league of cleanly shaved gentlemen, ditch the foam and reach for this moisturizing formula. You can't exactly call a face full of shaving nicks a "clean shave".

Alba Coconut Lime Cream Shave; $6.45

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