Thursday, September 16, 2010

Field Trip; "Touch-ups Barber Shop"

Mid Fashion Week I started to realize that the haircut I received, before the madness, really did serve an excellent purpose for making me look composed and professional for all the meetings that come along with the fashion crowd... for about 5 days. Once I started moving in and out of shows and running back to events for clients, I would take notice of the shape of my cut and, while it was done very well, it didn't seem to last very long.

Although my hair tends to grow pretty fast, I was starting to think we had been through a few full moons. Anyone missing a cat?

Down the block from my apartment in Yonkers ( yes, I live in Yonkers) is a barber shop that's about half a room big and has two chairs with some angry old men constantly shaving heads. Not very well, I might add. And although the proximity is agreeable and the price is really low, I'd still prefer to get my head clipped by someone with a little more class. Usually, you only find these kind of places in the city. Which can be worth the commute, I guess, but maybe that's just the fashion industry snob in me.

Fortunately, another block down the street a new barber has made his home in a pretty swanky storefront painted in earth tones and clean lines complete with modern furniture and excellent lighting. Touch-ups Barber Shop is operated by Luis Torres, the only man I've ever let pull a straight razor upside my skull.

There's a distinct "old-fashioned" quality about the shop and service that reminds me of the days when men really cared about making an appearance before they began resorting to the metrosexual way of life. Times when you would go in with your buddies for a shave and a haircut, talk about current events and just decompress before a big date or event. That's how this place feels. Just chill.

And fast.

Unlike my previous cut that ran just over 90 minutes, Luis asked me what I wanted and dived right in. Including fading out the previous shape with the precision of a surgeon in under 25 minutes. Even when he grabbed for the single handled straight razor, he just glided it upside my head with such ease, I'm starting to wish shaving my face were as comfortable.

Generally, I'm pretty prone to razor bumps and irritation, but nothing has come up even 2 days after my visit. Although, after my first shower, I did make it a point to run a little bit of vitamin c serum over my head just as an insurance policy. But still, no nicks, no burns, no slight cuts even around the senstive ear and sideburn area.

After my first show with my new fade, many have complimented me on the look including backstage hairstylists. "Where did you go?" they'd ask.

"Head up to Yonkers" I replied.

Touch Ups Barber Shop
551 South Broadway
Yonkers, NY. 10705
Men's Haircut; $15


Steven said...

I agree, Luis is the best barber in yonkers..With a bright future for himself and his business. Go check him out for yourself

George G said...

now two places on my list to try! :)

Anonymous said...

I love you Luis!!!

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