Saturday, September 11, 2010

Beauty Breakdown; "Buckler by Andrew Buckler SS11"

The evening of September 10 hosted the shopping extravaganza known as Fashion's Night Out in New York City, but let's not forget that the morning and afternoon were jammed packed full of designers making their presence felt at Fashion Week.

Among them was men's wear designer Andrew Buckler who combines "the roguish American icon with Brit edge". The brand was launched in 2001 and has managed to survive a fledgling economy to establish itself among the trendsetters in urban wear. This season's style is vintage meets quality tailoring with a visible comfort level. Everything looks as though you would throw it on without thinking, but as you walk out the door, you realize you look pretty cool.

The grooming backstage coordinated perfectly. Minimal makeup to hide visible scars or marks on the skin were utilized. Think basic, everyday grooming. But when it came time for hair... man, makes me wish I hadn't gotten that cut last week. When asked about the inspiration for the look, Andrew commented;

"We tried to get them a bit messed up as if they'd been running around a bit."

With shows running back to back, I'd imagined that wasn't a terribly difficult task to undertake. But backstage, stylists were armed with molding pastes and hairspray creating volume and texture and shaping the side parts into a wavy coiffe that held in place. More than just running your fingers through and heading out the door. Although, prep time was still pretty short, most models were able to hit the fitting line without worrying about ruining their look.

Woody's Wood Glue will create moldable texture for a short amount of time before freezing in place and keeping that wave from making any sharp turns. Use alone or with wet palms for a slight sheen.

If that's not enough hold for ya, grab a can of Aquage Finishing Spray to teach any strays who's the real bloke is!

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