Thursday, September 16, 2010

Beauty Breakdown; "Jeremy Scott SS11"

I have finally found the absolute most appropriate time when a man is destined to wear eyeliner.

While the ladies walking for Jeremy Scott this season were rocking a look "inspired by Marilyn Monroe meets Debbie Harry", makeup artist Val Garland concentrated on smudging a bit of eyeliner over the rims of the men's eyes and smudged them on the outer edges. Without going completely through the waterline, most of the product was concentrated on the outside to give the male models' eyes a bit of an almond shape. Probably to coincide with the sharp winged liner their female counterparts wore.

With skin being prepped and groomed using all MAC products, Val also swiped a bit of mascara on the top and bottom lashes to further exaggerate the darkness of the stare.

While I'm not a fan of men wearing visible makeup, the eccentric style of Jeremy's work is obviously the kind of garment that works with that kind of guilding. So, if you're brave enough to wear his crotch-showcasing chaps, go ahead and grab for the guyliner as well.

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