Monday, August 30, 2010

THAT'S how you do lashes!


Women are constantly complaining about the clumping, the drying, the flaking, cracking and all around Tammy Faye effect of traditional mascaras. And I don't blame them.

Mascara has got to be one of those things I can't really stand to be bothered with. Not that I don't use it, but I always find that I'm constantly switching it up, using tools to separate them, reaching for alternate wands or even sometimes mixing my own. I don't like it out of the tube and I have yet to find one I do.

But a "whispy, natural" lash is the most common request I get from clients and after seeing this post highlighting Kim Kardashian's makeup at the 2010 EMMY Awards held in Los Angeles, I imagine they'll become much more frequent.

Kim's makeup was understated and flawless with a tinge of pink shine on the lips to exaggerate the shape and definition on the eyebrows to frame the face. But no doubt, the star of this look were the lashes. Long, wispy and feathery, they extended beyond the crease and almost grazed against the brow bone. But with the soft texture, they looked more dreamy and less drag-queen. No thanks to mascara... at ALL!

I have seen multiple varieties of false lashes that purport to have a natural effect, but none like those made famous by another Red Carpet Diva; Jennifer Lopez. Not known to be all too environment-friendly, J.Lo and makeup artist Scott Barnes once made use of mink eyelashes to get that ethereal look. Yep. Mink.

Granted, the website for the notorious lashes now attributes it construction to brushing through the endangered species coat (while still breathing), the method can still raise a few eyebrows... was that a pun?

The Lash Bar Mink Eyelashes "Glamour Long"; $190.00

For those looking for a synthetic option, I'd recommend testing out a few styles before settling on one in particular.

Shu Uemura uses the thinnest fibers possibly and hand crafts them to create a hazy veil over your natural lash. Though just as glamorous, they'll be a little easier on the wallet.

Shu Uemura Smoky Lashes; $27.00

Mattese Elite also offers up a synthetic version, but with a bit more girth, they'd be best suited for someone with thin lashes to begin with.

Mattese Elite Natural Lashes; $9.00

If you're like me, you like to dig for a real bargain. Just visit your local urban beauty supply for these hidden gems.

Red Cherry Basic Lashes; $1.49

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