Monday, August 16, 2010

Product Review; "REVLON Beyond Natural Cream to Powder Eyeshadow Quad"

On a Friday night, what else is there to do but loiter around the cosmetics aisle at Duane Reade? Really?

While wandering around Hell's Kitchen in Manhattan this weekend, I decided to make a pit stop in the local drug store to pick up a bottle of water before meeting up with some friends. After studious examination of the wide selection Poland Springs had to offer, I took a detour through the next row to gander at some lipstick shades.

Generally, I don't find myself buying much drugstore makeup. Mostly because, there usually are no testers. It's a difficult choice to make when you can't play with the actual product to see how the colors read on skin, how they feel, how they blend, how they dry down, etc... So, I find that, unless they're sent to me for review, I almost never give them a chance. But, on the upside, drugstore makeup is usually fairly inexpensive and most retailers have a pretty forgiving return policy.

But lipstick tends to be very unforgiving, so I passed on that idea. But, there were plenty of other products to consider and I always like keeping an eye out for what companies are coming up with. So, with my attention officially diverted, I came across the Revlon display and their "Beyond Natural" line.

At first I didn't even realize that this product was "cream to powder". When I hear that phrase, it usually brings up a notion of some kind of material that's going to really dry out over time and create a "cakey" feel to the skin. Which is particularly uncomfortable on the sensitive eye area.

After a few swipes of this creamy shadow, I noticed how the texture maintained for quite some time with no "slippery" feel and a soft demi-matte finish. Something similar to Cream Colour Base but without as much of a "moist" feel.

The wear time was a good few hours before I started to notice a bit of creasing, but it was very slight. The pigment in "Spice", the color palette I chose, was pretty and most suitable for skin tones from fair to medium. On darker skin, they would read as a really nice highlighter with no noticeable definition.

If you're looking for something really basic for a quick makeup look, these would be perfect. The compact is very discreet and the product can be applied with your fingers.

I'd probably recommend these even as a base for powder eyeshadow if you want a stronger look since the formula isn't too moist and has a bit of color to it already. I mean, it's worth giving it a chance, right?

REVLON Beyond Natural Cream to Powder Eyeshadow Quad; $7.99

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