Monday, August 9, 2010

Product Review; "MakeUpForever HD Microfinish Blush"


They're pretty good and all, but there's something I'm just not feeling about these blushes.

First, there's the packaging which is a miniature version of the HD Foundation bottle (another product that kind of put me off in the past but I don't want to get side-tracked). And then there's the product itself which I find to be a little "wet" initially, but then dries down to a really satin-y finish. Which is ideal for High Definition television, but there's this texture to the skin afterwards that makes me think the product almost needs to be ground into the skin.

The key ingredient in the formula is Isododecane, a solvent that increases the "spreadability" of products. With this being such a major part of the formulation, in addition to an intense amount of pigment common to MakeUpForever products, a little really does go a looooooooong way.

If there was one good thing I could say, it would be about the color. Most definitely.

MakeUpForever certainly doesn't skimp on pigment and is certainly staying true to it's roots as a destination product line for makeup artists and industry professionals. The colors range in shades from deep plums to pale pinks that really do show true to what you see in the packaging.

The color below is aptly named "truth or dare"... Truthfully, I might dare.

Again, I'm digging the colors completely, but as you can see from the images below, the packaging is really killing me. The first image is one pump of product and the second image is how far it would stretch.

Use sparingly, obviously. One drop is enough for multiple faces. It's very possible that I need to go back and revisit them at another time like I have with products in the past, but I'm not seeing myself loading these into my kit for the time being.

MakeUpForever HD Microfinish Blush; $25

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