Saturday, August 28, 2010

Product Review; "Jordana Color Effects Powder Eyeshadow"

If you are unfamiliar with Jordana Cosmetics, you may not be alone. Being the beauty detective that I am, my eye is trained to look-out for new products or ones that may not have the following that bigger brands do. Usually for that reason alone. You never know what you'll find until you take the time to dig deep.

Don't get me wrong, I have been known to frequent department stores when I feel inclined to gander at what luxury brands have to offer, but there's really nothing quite like the feeling of finding something great that you know most people haven't. Who would turn down buried treasure?!

During my trip to Duane Reade a few weeks ago, I happened to squat down in the middle of the cosmetics aisle to find a cluster of single eyeshadows displayed along an acrylic display case in some really vibrant colors. Who could resist? Especially when I saw the price tags; $1.99!!

The individually wrapped plastic cases were in silver with a basic screw-top lid. The product itself is in a .05oz tin comparable in size to pretty much any other department store eyeshadow such as those from MAC or Smashbox. And, through further inspection, in pigmentation that is just as impressive, although not as in depth in range.

Now, Jordana is a smaller range of color choices but is no less as functional as those from other brands. Although sometimes I feel like you can really gauge the quality of a product when you're testing the most basic shades, like neutral tones, as opposed to the more vibrant, eccentric colors, like blues and vivid greens. The colors I decided to go with were "Creamy Vanilla" (light beige-satin finish), "Supernatural" (golden beige-pearl finish) and "Over the Taupe" (medium taupe-pearl finish).

The color payoff is pretty deep which means you don't have to layer the product too much to get the tone you want. They blend well with each other and seamlessly flowed into my palettes once removed from the container. As far as staying power, the formula feels very light and is not prone to creasing or bunching during longer sessions of wear. But I couldn't figure out exactly why...

If there was one thing I could say that I didn't quite care for, it would be that I couldn't find the ingredients listing for these shadows either on the packaging or the website. Although this isn't a terribly important critique, it's always on my mind just to have when considering price points and wear-longevity. Certain ingredients translate to longer staying power and others don't. But judging from the way they've been wearing, I'll pay $1.99 to give em a shot! Considering I could leave the drugstore with the entire collection of 42 eyeshadows for the price of 2 department store lipsticks.

Jordana Color Effects Powder Eyeshadow; $1.99

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Fardosssa said...

Great review thanks for it , I live in Egypt and Make up market here is very limited and pricey for my budget , Jordana 's eyeshadows are my favourite as they are available and not expensive :)

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