Sunday, August 1, 2010

Product Review; "FACE Stockholm Healing Hands Cream"

"Neurotic" would be the kind of word that describes me on a good day. Other days, I'm not sure there is a word for it on this planet...

My skincare regimen would be admirable if it weren't so specific. Or maybe, you're into that kind of thing? I cleanse my skin with only a select few products that I have been faithful to for years using a time tested method. Don't ask. From head to toe, I am drenched,on a nightly basis, using particular serums and moisturizers without fail. If for some reason, I'm not at home for the evening to initiate this ritual, I go without. Completely.

I don't care where I am or what I've been doing, if I don't get to use the things that I am already accustomed to, I won't use a damn thing. It's just my way. I would rather marinate in filth than clean up with sub-par products.

Having said that, it's not likely that I will introduce anything new into my ritual very often. But, the other day, I happened to realize that I was a little over-due.

For some reason a puzzle has presented itself that I haven't yet pieced together. In my kit, I've kept a tube of FACE Stockholm's Healing Hands Cream for the use of models, actors, key grips or the errand production assistant who felt like they needed a little bit of moisture for their hands. After relying on this product for so long, I've started taking it for granted, knowing that it was good for keeping hands from feeling dry, cracked or irritated.

What completely escaped my grasp is right in the title; "healing".

I had somehow developed the strangest cluster of bumps on the inside of my wrist that I attributed to a reaction from some other product that I haven't yet identified. But it could be from a multitude of things; maybe from resting my arms behind my head while lounging in front of the T.V. (hair product transfer?), keeping my hands buried in my pockets during my subway commute(filthy handrails) or even from swatching makeup on my wrists (larger surface area). But, in any case, they itch like crazy. Which is a bit worrisome but not the kind of thing I'll let myself obsess over... cuz I will.

I tried a few things to soothe the irritation (that I was already familiar with) including Calamine Lotion and A&D but these only proved to be mildly effective. So, at the risk of starting some kind of quest for a product that would help, I turned to a familiar tube.

And boy, did it help!

The formula is touted as being able to instantly relieve dehydration (a common reason for most "itching") with the help of heaping amounts of Shea Butter as well as invigorating the skin with the scent of Verbena. What I discovered, however, was that, in addition, the formula boasts Allantoin and Glycerin, both with soothing properties that are highly effective in calming irritation and discomfort when applied topically.

I feel soothed, indeed. Not only my wrists, but that nagging neurotic part of my brain can breathe a sigh of relief. No need to go on the search for some product that will only disrupt our regimen and put a strain on normal functioning. I can easily incorporate this cream into my routine whenever needed. Which is, indeed, soothing. Although, there is no true antiseptic quality to this product, I'm not too concerned since I'm a frequent hand-washer.

Yea, like you're really surprised.

FACE Stockholm Healing Hands Cream; $22

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