Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Product Review; "Cozzette Makeup Brushes"

After the initial shock wore off from my traumatic trip to Alcone I did my best to recover by testing out some of the new brushes they had to offer. A company called Cozzette by makeup artist Roque Cozzette had a new line of brushes being launched that are some of the softest I have ever felt. The display was a wire-rack turnspot that hung each brush in individual dense plastic sleeves that had a button-snap enclosure. The handles were firm and varnished in a purple laquer with clearly printed numbers in silver paint.

The price list next to it didn't look so bad either. Ranging from $10 to $32, these brushes were well worth the cost as they are very obviously of expert craftsmanship. Plus! the fibers are all synthetic. No joke.

The brand touts itself as being 100% vegan and cruelty-free. In their own words they have "devoted our energy toward the development of beauty products that honor all living things".

Having recently been featured at IMATS, Cozzette uses it's superior construction in drawing parallels from makeup brushes to current airbrushing techniques. And I would have to agree.

Each brush is made with incredibly soft fibers that pick up the perfect amount of product and blend flawlessly on skin. The only comparable brushes with similar quality I could think of would be those from Hakuhodu. Actually, the similarities are almost uncanny. The shape and size of the S100 Cozzette brush is identical to the S100 Hakuhodu brush. And, no, that wasn't a mistake. They share the same name; S100. Although the main difference would be that Hakuhodu's is made of Goat hair and costs $72. So, I wouldn't suspect plagiarism just yet. But since we're comparing, there's the S125 Cozzette brush that reminds me of the S102 Hakuhodu brush, but again, Hakuhodu's is made of Blue Squirrel hair and costs $111.

I'm really shocked with the range of brushes offered by Cozzette in the best possible way and really look forward to picking up a few more since the price points and quality are so agreeable. So agreeable in fact, I decided to splurge and pick up the S165 as well. An oversized crease brush ideal for powder eyeshadow or blending creams in a "soft focused application".

When I removed the brushes from their sleeves, I did notice a bit of a manufacture-ish type smell, but once I washed them with a bit of shampoo, it was gone. I think the company uses some kind of sealing product before packaging so the shape of the brush is maintained on the display. A great way to make a product look it's absolute possible best. Which they all did.

But looks are clearly not decieving.

S1oo Angled Powder Brush ; $32

S125 Powder Brush; $30

S165 Eye Contour Large; $18


RoqueCozzette said...

Hello, you have made my day! I really appreciate your input as a professional. It took me a whole year to create the divinity collection. I put my all into making the best brush. I actually gagging at the fact that ( like a dork) I named the S100 the same as Hakahudo! Prior to creation I solely used them... My goal was to product an even higher quality tool that I could feel proud of on multi levels. I totally over looked the S100 thing! So I'm sitting here tripping out on the swift move on my part. I'm very pleased you approve. I send you love and light. All the best! In spirit, love and unity,

In s

Legend Rivera said...

Thank you for following the blog! I really look forward to seeing more of your products! I'll definitely keep an eye out!

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