Wednesday, August 11, 2010

BREAKING NEWS!; "Zac Efron is attractive"

Even when he busts out the teal nail polish.

At the 2010 Teen Choice Awards held on August 9th, the High School Musical star showed up wearing chipped teal nail polish to coordinate with his equally casual scruffy face and perfectly disheveled hair. But was this an intentional beauty choice or just a guy feeling like adding a dash of color to his outfit?

According to, Zac was wearing lacquered hands as an homage to his girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens who sports the same style while performing in the latest production of "RENT" at the Hollywood Bowl.

The MAN-icure is not a new practice. In times past, men used to buff out their nails during the shave and haircut process. Appropriate for a special night out. What is uncommon is using a nail color. Unless you're also into guyliner, it's not common to wear most color products, but rather something that will just polish up your style without looking too obvious.

Might I suggest, a strengthening coat with an undetectable matte finish? Keeps the nails in great shape without really trying too hard.

Orly Nails for Males; $6.99

But before you start painting, buff out those cuticles and rough edges. If you're into details, that is.

Sephora 4-sided Nail buffer; $3.99

While we're at it, the next time you reach out for Vanessa, Zac, make your touch feel that much more special.

FACE Stockholm Healing Hands Cream; $22

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