Monday, August 2, 2010

BREAKING NEWS!!; Alcone Sponges discontinued?!


After I went into my fit of rage at Alcone Co throwing eyeshadows and banging my head against the wall, a tranquilizer dart hit me in the neck and successfully sedated me. Good aim, shop-keep!

What caused this dramatic scene?; I asked the sales girls for a bag of my favorite cosmetic wedges and her face went a bit sullen as she opened her mouth to tell me about the letter taped to the front of the package;

"You are probably noticing a difference in our sponges. There is a worldwide problem affecting all of us and we wanted to take an opportunity to explain the situation."


Apparently a company by the name of "Spongetech" had bought out many small sponge companies and began involving themselves in questionable business practices until finally filing for bankruptcy amidst defrauding investors and shutting down production. The remainder of stock at Alcone was all the company had to offer and to make matters worst, about an hour before I came into the store, some movie production had been there and purchased ALL the remaining stock of the original formula sponges.


Alcone Cosmetic Sponges are an industry staple among makeup artists and are the hottest selling item for the company. Everyone loves them including Shiseido's Artistic Director, Dick Page and the gals over at Allure. I guess I've got to be the bearer of bad news.

But there will be an opportunity for redemption soon as Alcone "will continue to try to get our new manufacturer to create the same wonderful sponge you are used to. We should have a new batch of sponges and will be returning the bad batch. We know that you need something so we kept some stock. We will keep you informed when the sponge problem is resolved."

Light at the end of the tunnel? I sure hope so.

But they were right, I did need something and the sponges they had weren't so terrible. They're significantly more porous in texture but remain firm. The sponge soaks up more product but still blends well on the skin and bounces back to it's original shape.

Not a horrible product, but definitely not the one you're used to.

Alcone Company Non-latex Sponges; $2.50

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