Sunday, August 8, 2010

the Boy-Beat!

There is nothing MORE attractive than a guy wearing makeup.

That being said, there is nothing LESS attractive than a guy wearing makeup.

There are times when it is imperative to wear even the most limited amount of products (awards ceremonies, on camera interviews, hot date) whether or not you're male or female, rocker or roller, civilian or politician. But, I would say, these instances are indeed few and far in between.

"Masculinity" in the American culture is idealized by the lack of effort it actually takes to look strikingly handsome. When we spot an attractive man, we are hit with images of muscles, swagger and a confidence too mysterious to explain. We don't think about their standing appointment for brow tweezing. But that could very well be the secret to maintaining those bedroom eyes.

Effortlessly handsome is the goal, but can be achieved various ways. Personally, I prefer to focus on skincare and cleanliness. It's the best way to prevent any opportunities for breakouts, redness, dark circles and color loss in the skin. All things we address with color cosmetics. If you do the former, you'd probably have no need for the latter.

But, life isn't always so simple. Even with all the preparation in the world, there will be times when you may not get enough rest, or sun, or vitamins to counteract all the damage that comes from the world around us. Yes, even I get the errand pimple here and there. If this occurs, there are very simple ways to address it without looking like a boy wearing makeup.

Properly hydrated skin can evoke thoughts of youth and vitality. Growing old gracefully is fine and all, but not if you look like you've been prepped to be made into a saddle. Try alba Skincare After Sun Lotion. It has Kona Coffee to undue sun damage and excellent emollients like Shea Butter, Macademia Nut Oil and Borage Oil to nourish dry skin. Best of all, it's for face and body!

Alba After-Sun Lotion; $11.95

But don't forget the lips. Prepping for an important event with that special gal (or guy) isn't really worth it unless you get a kiss goodnight, right? Anthony Logistics Sun Stick SPF 15 is infused with Vitamin A and E, making this moisturizing lip balm ideal for under the eyes or over the bridge of the nose for added protection.

Anthony Logistics Sun Stick SPF 15; $16

Then again, maybe you're on the opposite side of the spectrum and have to deal with too shiny of a complexion. Not to worry, MAC Cosmetics Blot Powder has got you covered. Designed to pick up moisture without leaving any color or powder-y residue, this discreet compact can easily be slipped into your pocket to relieve a shiny nose, forehead and chin.

MAC Cosmetics Blot Powder; $22

If you've got a little something to hide, I'd suggest a cream concealer like FACE Stockholm Neutralizer Concealers. Coming in 3 tones to counteract darkness under the eyes, they can also be used sparsely to cover blemishes or even shaving nicks.

FACE Stockholm Neutralizer Concealer; $26

By sticking to these key products, I guarantee you'll maintain that enviable, effortlessly handsome look. Just stay away from the guyliner.

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