Friday, July 23, 2010

Religious makeup?

I haven't that much information on the matter of religion or religious procedure and only a mild grasping of which faiths dictate which behaviors. But I do know makeup.

For hundreds of years, mineral makeup has been on the market ranging in products from skincare to color enhancers. In my own opinion, all makeup is "mineral makeup". All cosmetic products are composed of the same minerals and pigments found in "mineral makeup" but are then coagulated, fixed, meshed or blended with other elements like waxes, preservatives, binding agents or other fillers in order to create a specific use or to stretch the lifespan of the product. But if you remove all the hullabaloo, you're left with the most important part; minerals.

Other cosmetic lines that boast a "mineral" product will use this information to their benefit calling all the other elements unhealthy or unsafe. But when I was reading by the former Allure Beauty Director Victoria Kirby (WHUSSAP VICTORIA?!) I came upon a post about a mineral makeup line that would preserve a religious concern as well.

According to Samina Pure Makeup it is within the Muslim faith to be overly concerned with the use of alcohol and animal products. In the sense that you shouldn't. At all. In this sense, you would maintain a level of purity in accordance with the Halal doctrine that is specific about what products can be produced and in what fashion. Something similar to "Kosher" products and foods in the Jewish faith. In their own words;

"Halal is a purity assurance which complies to very strict guide lines, ensuring all ingredients tracing right back to their raw sources and production procedures are all checked and verified as free from animal and alcohol derived ingredients."

The benefit of these products to the non-Muslim population is that the products are free of synthetic binders and pigments and instead have very high proportions of natural minerals like Zinc Oxide, Titanium Oxide, Mica and Iron Oxides which are highly beneficial filters to Ultra Violet rays (SPF).

As I wandered through the site I started to think about just how they made some products since we, as Americans, are accustomed to various emollients like Beeswax (lipstick, eye and lipliners, lip gloss), Petrolatum (concealer, lip balm) and various Alcohol forms (perfume, moisturizer, cleansers) in our products. How exactly were they keeping these products intact? Plant waxes, essential oils and organically derived emollients. Things your skin has an easier time responding to anyway!

I would call this brand revolutionary, brilliant and back to basics... if I had it to play with. Unfortunately it is only available in the UK. Hopefully they'll find this post and send me a few things (hint hint). Or I can wait patiently until it finds it's way across the Pacific.

For more information, see their fan-page.

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