Saturday, July 17, 2010

Product Review; "Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Color Collection"

If you can describe these lipsticks without using the word "decadent" I'll buy you a thesaurus.

When the collection was originally released it was to OBSESSIVE reviews. And with good reason. Although it's a bit late for me to be pitching in my two-cents, I haven't obtained these until just recently. Unfortunately Tom and I don't travel in the same circles. Unless, that WAS him in the clearance aisle at Marble Hill Target store...?

A single tube in shade "Bruised Plum" (a rich burgundy shade) arrived to my apartment for a test drive and I immediately pulled it out of the packaging and threw it right on my lips.

If you know me, you know I don't wear any color cosmetic products at all, but for me to truly appreciate all that these lipsticks had to offer, I had to give it a go.

From the moment I picked up the tube and popped off the top, I was struck at how easily it came off. No tugging or familiar "pop" when removed. The turning mechanism was sturdy and rolled very smoothly with no hesitation or "clicking" feeling as with most lipsticks. Almost as if it were being operated by remote control.

The peak of the bullet elegantly rose to the top of the tube revealing the signature "TF" symbol as if to tease the lips before drenching them in luxurious moisture from the blend of essential oils including Shea Butter as it's key emollient. Only the faintest hints of vanilla was apparent after a moment or two but nothing excessive or "perfume-y".

The colors come in various shades ranging from deepest reds to the barest of nudes. I would consider all the shades to be a "medium coverage" product. After one swipe, my "Bruised Plum" was deep and dark and needed only the slightest bit of touching up. A brush would be optimal, but why risk losing any product?! Although the brand only boasts 12 shades, they are rumored to expand the range along with upcoming collections including powders, foundations and skin care.

Where did I hear this? Me. I just said so. Wishful thinking.

If and when Tom decides to expand the collection, I anticipate any other items will reflect the kind of attention to detail that the Lip Color Collection maintains. Complete with beautiful, functional, simple packaging. But, judging from the price point of the lip colors ($45 a tube), I'd expect them to perform just as well!

Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Color; $45

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kirstyb said...

love the lippy colour x

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