Friday, July 23, 2010

Product Review; "TokiDoki Inferno Bronzer"

I'm going to be blunt; I don't like fancy packaging.

For two reasons, actually.

1. There is the idea of the "gilded lily". Where something is just overly done to the point where the only part of it that is relevant is how it looks instead of it's actual function. I would prefer to have the best eyeshadow, or blush, or whatever in some cheesy paper container as opposed to a horribly performing eyeshadow, or blush, or whatever in a fancy gold package that weighs a pound, sparkles in the sunlight, and sings when you open it. The performance of a product is really what should be most important when choosing cosmetics. When you really think about it, you're not wearing the packaging on your face, you're wearing the product on your face!

2. I hate taking up room in my kit. I have limited space in my TUMI Alpha Bag which is already stuffed to the gills, believe me! Especially since I last weighed it in at 105lbs, the last thing I want is more unnecessary weight while I battle the streets and subways of NYC. If I'm going to shove a new product in my kit, it'd better be worth carrying.

I think these might be.

Although the packaging is a little kitschy, the tones are pretty flattering and read as a slightly shimmery bronze on mostly deeper skin tones. Both tones that tokidoki offers seem to have a yellow undertone as opposed to a red one. They may not look very orange on skin if that is a concern. Although, I would use a light hand or a really soft brush when applying to the skin as the formula is really lightly pressed and comes up a little too much. Although, it makes for an incredibly soft formula that doesn't really feel like you have it on.

Besides a soft formula, it's made without the use of much Talc (drying agent) or Parabens (synthetic preservatives) and, instead, includes the use of Rice Lipids (nourishing ingredient) and Vitamin B.

Over foundation or even as a highlighter would be my suggestion for this product. Alone it would be just fine if you want a little something without having to put on a full face of makeup. Having recently used it on top of a Tinted Moisturizer seems to be optimal because the slight shimmer and light coverage make for an undetectable yet flawless looking complection.

TokiDoki Inferno Bronzer; $22

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