Monday, July 5, 2010

Product Review; "got2b: glued Spiking Glue"

I have a tendency to shave my head, especially in the Summer months when the New York humidity and heat can wreak havoc on a meticulously manicured hairstyle. It's usually nothing but shorn heads and baseball caps for me!

But my hair usually grows pretty quickly, coarsely and unmanageably after about 6 weeks and will easily take on whatever style my pillow has in store for it. So when it's in that weird stage of not quite grown and not quite long enough to slick back I find myself at a loss for styling options. While I'm not a fan of heavy skin or hair products, I decided to give this "hair glue" a shot. With a small amount rubbed between my palms I smoothed it over my hair to create an off center part just to polish up my look and, to my astonishment, it held.

Now, I caution you, it dries quickly and feels a bit sticky which concerned me at first, but after I rinsed my hands and lightly stroked my style it took on a softer look and molded easily with a dense hair brush giving me a few seconds to touch up my hairline and sideburns.

Looking good with little fuss and a style that will hold all day even on my brier-patch of a head. Worth the $6, I'd say.

got2b glued Spiking Glue; $5.95


Hair Gel said...

I used Got2b Spiking Glue this morning and I am not thrilled with it. It makes the hair stiff after blow drying. I don't have time to wait for a product to dry in my hair. You have to stand there and continuously comb it, or in my case, with a flat top, pick it to make it stay in the spiked position until it dried. With a wax the set was instantaneous and I thought a glue would offer the same instant result. When one is trying to get ready for work, standing in front of a mirror for 5-10 minutes while a product dries in the hair, wastes time. Also if you like to touch up your hair during the day, with a wax, you can do so but not with this product. If you have thick hair and don't mind stiffness, you will probably like this product, but for those with fine/baby fine/thin hair who like a thick wax that you can comb through and re-set throughout the day and it stay locked in place through wind and the will not be happy. This is a OK product.

Legend Rivera said...

Aww, I'm sorry you didn't care for it, but yes, you are right, if you have thin or baby-fine hair, this product is a bit too much.

I find that if you use half the recommended amount with slightly dampened hair, it works a bit better.

If you have thick, heavy hair like mine, it's perfect.

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