Saturday, July 3, 2010

Product Review; "Covergirl Queen Collection Bronzer"

Trying to maintain a summer glow all season long can be a bit of a task. Particularly when it comes to baking for hours under the glare of tanning beds and incurring multiple risks of damage to the skin. For a more practical approach, might I suggest a bronzer?

Swept along the contours of the face with a powder brush, the Covergirl Queen Collection Bronzer subtly accentuates contours and creates a richness to the skin that no amount of self tanner will ever accomplish. Used in conjunction with a tinted moisturizer or light foundation, this bronzer is tremendously useful for maintaining a healthful look with no tell-tale orange-ish tones.

With it's mineral complex to nourish skin, it even controls oil production and has the tiniest bit of sheen to keep skin looking radiant even under the harshest light. It comes in 3 shades suitable for the lightest and deepest complexions and because of the high amount of pigment in each tone, reads beautifully on film without looking heavy.

Covergirl Queen Collection Bronzer; $6.99

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