Saturday, July 3, 2010

Product Review; "Anthony Logistics Deodorant"

"Objective; to not smell bad".

Well, how can you go wrong?

Anthony Logistics is a brand geared toward men who want to stay groomed without being fussy about it. All the packaging is clean and concise with no frills and outfitted with a clear "objective" on the container. Very clever.

The deodorant comes in a familiar twist up tube and contains multiple essential oils and extracts designed to battle sweat glands for superiority. The formula also contains Aloe Vera to nourish the skin, Calendula to reduce irritation, Orange Extract to resurface dry skin, and other botanical ingredients to relieve issues ranging from irritation to oil production. And it's free of Alchohol and Aluminum which are two ingredients associated with multiple health issues that are too numerous to list. And quite depressing, I might add.

This product goes on smoothly and, surprisingly, a bit dry. I haven't found it to be very obvious that I'm wearing it, nor does it leave marks on the pits of my t-shirts. The fragrance is negligible and reminiscent of orange peels that dissipates almost immediately. Through the day, I forget that I have it on and no one compliments me on my scent. Actually, no one says anything about the way I smell.

I'd call that a success!

Anthony Logistics Alchohol-Free Deodorant; $14.00

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