Friday, July 23, 2010

Hello Gaga?

I can't really say that I am a Lady Gaga fan or even listen to the music all that much. But I'll give it to her, she's got a pretty neat sense of style!

Having established herself as someone who appreciates style and wants to really push the boundaries, we've seen collaborations with various artists and stylist in the fashion industry lay their talents to transforming her for promotional appearances, concerts and music videos. All seem to congeal together into one epitomes Lady Gaga look, but this one is truly a stand-out!

For last weeks episode of "Double Exposure" on Bravo TV, the performer was transformed into another style icon known around the world; Hello Kitty. With a bevvy of fashion accessories created from Hello Kitty products (including discarded lip glosses), the main attraction HAD to be the makeup.

According to People Style Watch the photo-shoot was originally going to use post-production editing to create the large eyed effect, but decided to paint the effect over the top of her eyelids. Making the experience all the more interesting since Gaga had to complete the shoot with her eyes closed!

I couldn't decipher who exactly is responsible for the makeup masterpiece, but you'll notice they also utilized false eyelashes to further create this wide-eyed effect. By layering a set of lashes on the upper lash line and then pasting layers of lashes at the brow line, the eyes took a genuine (if not creepy) shape. For this effect, I'd suggest placing two or even three bands of false lashes to make the statement all the more intriguing.

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