Friday, July 9, 2010

Field Trip; "Rootstein Mannequin Launch"

MAO Public Relations was gracious enough to have me attend the release of a new line of mannequins by RootStein, a company dedicated to creating the most beautiful display mannequins I have ever seen. Some of which are recreated off of the most popular models working in fashion today.

The realistic quality of the mannequins is perplexing. At some points, I forgot that I wasn't looking at real people, particularly when examing the "makeup" job done on the immaculate faces.

The contour was really inspiring and an obvious throwback to 70's glamour with an ethereal twist. Really gorgeous. Not only were the looks completed with false lashes but also pops of lavendar and soft blues with a twinge of glitter and glimmer to create the kind of dimension that makes the craftsmanship only that more enviable.

The attention to detail is marvelous and has been maintained by the works of Kevin Arpino who took over creative operations since the passing of the company's founder Adel Rootstein.

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